About DDS

Dynamic Development Solutions Ltd is a team of highly-qualified trainers and coaches with the depth of experience to deliver training with substance. We have a passion for giving people the tools they need to develop end grow to lead fulfilling, authentic and happy lives.

In Business:

Our experience covers training people at all levels in major organisations, both in the private and public sector, including telecoms, recruitment, marketing, training, IT, customer services, engineering, education, sales, NHS,  local authorities and local councils and charities. We also train and coach small business owners/managers and private individuals.

We base our work on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It informs and underpins everything we do, and we’re recognised for the way our training and coaching programmes engage and inspire people to move forward swiftly towards their goals.

About Dynamic Development Solutions

Using brain-friendly learning techniques (where we ‘link together’ different mental processing systems), and also accelerated learning techniques (where we identify how people learn best), overall learning becomes more effective and enjoyable!

In Personal Life:

Many people are looking to change or improve something in their life to become  more  authentic , happy and  fulfilled This can include improving self – confidence,  improving self-esteem , a career change, overcoming limiting beliefs  , creating a work/life balance,  setting compelling goals for the future and much more.

People have greatly benefited from attending our open workshops and/or individual coaching sessions.

Managing Dis-Ease:

When being diagnosed with an illness or “dis- ease” as we prefer to call it, we can become vulnerable and at times feel we have a loss of control of our situation and it can even effect our core identity.

At DDS we believe that our mind-set and attitude is key to how we manage dis -ease and recovery.

We are committed to supporting people, using NLP and mBraining techniques in coaching and training, to learn how use both their mind and body to improve their wellbeing and manage their dis-ease.

Our vision

To liberate the human spirit through learning.

At all times and in all places we actively seek, create and provide opportunities for people to learn and grow, so that they are empowered to be – and operate from – their highest personal best.

 Our mission

We always identify and facilitate in our training and coaching what exactly is needed to make the difference for companies, teams and individuals. By doing this we easily and effortlessly bring about changes in attitude, performance and behaviour – and we make sure those changes bring the results that businesses and individuals need.

 Our values

  • We have respect at all times for our clients’ and employees’ views and feelings.
  • We nurture a climate of trust and understanding; it’s the basis of all our communication.
  • We always provide the best solution for our clients, so they achieve the results they need.
  • We believe that everybody has the power to make the changes they need to improve and grow – and reach their compelling goals and targets.
  • Our clients and employees deserve the best from us – and they always receive the best.

To find out more about Dynamic Development Solutions, call us today on 0845 618 2908 or email us now.