GOLD – Always believe in your soul!

What a week for Team GB in the Olympics!

6 gold medals alone yesterday and still over a week to go – we are on fire!!

The frenzy of pride in being  British this year , starting with the celebration of our wonderful monarchs jubilee , has reached fever pitch as we watch our talented and incredible British Olympians win gold after gold medal in their own host nation. Not to be forgotten too are the silver and bronze medals that Team GB  have  won –  all great achievements in this tournament of champions.

As I sat alongside my husband cheering on the Team GB women’s football team , watched with pride our local  Milton Keynes lad Greg Rutherford took the gold in the long jump, Jessica Ennis smash the triathlon event and Mo Farah bring home the mens 10000 meters ….I was cheering at the top of my voice and watching  in wonderment at how these amazingly honed and focused athlete’s performed.

 GOLD – Always believe in your soulWhat focus, drive , determination it must have  taken for them to be competing today – against the best of the best in the world.

I imagined what sacrifices  they make for their craft – or did they consider them sacrifices  or a step to being the best of the best ?

Event after event, as varied as could be , from shooting, sailing, rowing, football, heptathlon, sprint, 100 meters . swimming and much more – if we were to model the excellence of all these individual champions what would be the core  attributes of all their achievements? What would be the common traits they all had  that made them Olympians What do they all  belive about their sport, about winning, about not winning – about themselves?

One of the most memorable and inspiring pictures I have to date and that will remain with me from these Olympic games  is that of Helen Jenkins running the triathlon event   in Hyde Park yesterday.

For most  of the race she kept the pace with the front runners…then on the last lap she lost pace and was clearly tied, her arms flaying and clearly losing strength. She had a painful knee injury and , as the other four leaders increased their distance from her,  it would have been very easy for Helen to have thrown in the towel as she saw her hopes of being placed being  destroyed. And yet, Helen poured every ounce of strength she had into her race,  pulling deep into her underlying resources to keep going, to do the best she possibly could to BE the best she possibly could in a race she had now no chance of winning.

Is this the difference that makes the difference?

We all have internal  resources we can pull on – an unknown strength and determination within us   when we are tied, in pain, when it seems like we have lost the fight – just like Helen.     How easy is it though not to dig deep for our internal resources  – to  just give up when we think all is lost ? What do we believe about ourselves in that moment of time that pushes us forward with all our might?

I am reminded of our dear  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip standing on that barge watching the flotilla for four hours in the pouring rain, after completing a gruelling tour of Great Britain that even one of our Olympians would find tiring!

What internal resources did she pull on to do this ? Like our Olympians what does she believe to be true  about her role as monarch, about  her own self? What did she say to herself to keep her going while being cold and drenched at the age of 85?

Resilience is a word we hear  a lot in business – how to remain resilient and strong to business and life challenges. How is resilience defined?

Well I think we can learn a lot from our Olympians and from our Monarch about accessing the inner resources that will  help us learn to make us the champions of our life , How to remain strong, focused, determined and resilient at the times we need to the most.

So,  the next time I hear myself complain about having to exercise ten minutes  in the morning I will think of Helen Jenkins and be totally  inspired

How will you ensure you  get  “Gold and always believe in your soul?”

With Love


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