Lightbulbs, Beliefs and the Universe!

One of the greatest joys I experience in my work is when I see my delegates achieve a “lightbulb” moment in their learning that completely reframes and changes  how they perceive a problem, a belief about themselves or others , or how they in some way can take back the control of the decisions they  make in their life to give them options and choices that up until then eluded them.

The lightbulb moment is easy to spot even before they mention it. Their whole persona changes. Some  may become  a bit tearful, their skin tone is different, their eyes shine – there  can be all kinds of physical signals that accompany this shift in thinking and new insight for them when it happens.

Often the lightbulb moment will come from what may seem a very simple discussion or reframe on a way of thinking. other times it is a result of a culmination of learnings.

However it is achieved it is invariably  life changing for the individual  .

Lightbulbs, Beliefs and the Universe webFor example , some  people   have a higher level  limiting belief that they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH or WILL NOT BE LIKED/LOVED if they challenge or act in a certain way. This belief is at an unconscious level and they are unaware how it impacts their everyday life in many ways .. or indeed even that they have it at all !  So as a result  they may think they are not confident at presentations or public speaking, or that they  probably will not get the job they are being interviewed for as there is stiff competition , or  they may feel unnecessarily  hurt or aggrieved by another’s words and/or  actions that they see as a direct threat to them personally.  Some may not put their point of view forward and say what they truly believe in some instances , which causes them frustration, stress and insecurity. They can take a back seat in their lives because of fear of failure and miss wonderful opportunities and relationships both in their business and personal lives.

When people discover that  what they are believing about themselves is their own perception  because of their limiting belief and that they have been  holding themselves back  in all kinds of ways as a result ,  it can  open up a whole new way of living their life .

Many years ago when I began studying NLP my  trainer told me that when we make major changes in how we think and behave, the universe throws us a curved ball to test us…..and  how we react to that curved ball is crucial. We will either respond to the challenging  situation  with our new insight and behaviour or we  revert to our old familiar  belief and its associated behaviour.

I think its simpler than that. Life is full of situations we choose to react to everyday . Good and bad. We can act from a resourceful belief about ourselves or a unresourceful one. Once we have made a change in our perceptions of ourselves, the first few times we act differently as a result may feel a bit strange to us…..we may consciously have to work at it….so some  people may choose to go back to their old comfortable  belief and behaviour because its easier and familiar..a habit… andall  the learning may be  diluted or even lost.

For  most people who have achieved their lightbulb moment,  they are so congruent with their new belief about themselves they find that they see things differently, they work at believing in themselves and their abilities, they become more confident and personally aligned  and set  new goals for success that are now achievable  and attainable for them….and more than that they believe in themselves and that  they can do it!

Changing your perceptions of the situations in your world can be as hard or as easy as you make it…and lightbulb moments are significnt enablers to this.

So…….What do you want to believe about yourself today ….and what will be the difference when you do?


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