Managing Dis-Ease

“Our bodies aren’t simply vehicles designed to take our brains where they want to go. Our conscious and unconscious minds don’t sit like passive passengers in the backseat while our physical bodies tool around town and through life.

It’s all connected. More than connected: it’s all one unit. It’s only our Western thinking that separates mind, body and spirit. “Dr Matt James

The word disease can actually be split into dis- ease – suggesting that an underlying cause to an illness is a dis ease with something going on in our lives consciously or subconsciously.

It is really important to state at this moment that I am not a trained healthcare professional and do not in any way imply that I am.

I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified coach and Trainer in mBraining  – both disciplines teaching about the impact of our thinking and internal processes on our bodies , state and wellbeing.

patsy on air bannerI also have personal experience in dealing with a life threatening illness first hand and NLP really helped me to deal with managing my illness and recovery in so many ways .

I have worked with Macmillan Cancer Support as part  of their radio campaign “No one should face Cancer Alone “ plus have been featured on their website and also represented them with  a patients perspective with a lobbying group of MPs at the House of Commons.

I have also worked with Myeloma UK speaking at a conference at the Royal College of surgeons and a published article about my experience in Myeloma Matters magazine

– so it is with all this knowledge and experience I have and am working with people, carers and healthcare professionals in providing workshops to share my knowledge and experience to help deal with some of the diverse issues they may face in these very challenging times .

Some workshop examples are;

  • Taking control of your situation
  • Communication your needs assertively to healthcare professionals, family and friends
  • Techniques to manage state and pain
  • Motivating Mind to support healing

And many more