NLP Courses – training and coaching available for all

When you see people coming out of a training session buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas… When you notice people putting into practice what they’ve learned… When you see in black and white the difference it makes to performance… that’s when you know the training and coaching is working. That’s our aim for all our clients, large and small.

Large companies and organisations

We work closely with your leadership team, department managers and individual members of staff:

  • ID-100185923You may be a new manager or supervisor and your day is layered with meetings, people issues and targets. You know what skills need improving – both for yourself and for your team.
  • You may be an experienced manager or director overseeing a broad range of projects, and your focus is balanced between corporate objectives, customers and employees. You need different types of training and coaching for different people over time.
  • You may be a training manager with responsibility for building skills right across the company. Even with your own internal training resource, you may sometimes need additional input quickly. You may also want to implement a major training initiative and put in place a development programme behind it – or develop your own trainers further for even higher levels of competence.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Managing a small business brings with it its own unique pressures, often without the luxury of a broad support infrastructure. With high-impact training and coaching, business becomes more enjoyable. You feel empowered to leap ahead with renewed energy and a greater potential for growth. It means small business owners and managers can:

  • find and maintain focus – and manage workload better
  • increase confidence and make more effective decisions
  • sharpen specific skills for today’s world – and for the future

Private individuals

Do you have new plans? Are you stuck in a rut with your usual routine? Are you ready for change in your personal or working life ? Is there a specific problem you’d like some help with? Coaching helps you overcome challenges with greater clarity and focus. Or alternatively come along and attend one of our open NLP programmes where you can learn new and powerful techniques you can put into practice immediately to get the results you want.

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