Sleepless in Cyberland

Its 3.26 am on Saturday  morning.  I have been working on my computer into the early hours because for some reason sleep is evading me tonight , and whatever I do to drift into  deep, restful dreamland , I still remain wide awake.

Tabbing over to Facebook for a much needed distraction, I see a request from the Radio 2 FB page asking for people to post on their thread the reasons  they are still awake at  this time in the morning.  “Oh well, I thought, why not!  “ I imagined my 15 seconds of fame taking the form of my name being mentioned over the airwaves in the soft dulcet tones of Richard Allinson – and even if no one else that knew me heard it,  I will always have had a moment of fame on Radio 2  ( for now anyway-  watch this space for the future!)

sleepless in cyberland“I can’t sleep…too much caffeine” was my brief, clipped contribution to the thread, which as soon as I pressed the return button, was added to the much more interesting updates from the other Radio 2 insomniacs  –  a  security guard in Peterborough in his control room working all night, an ex- pat in Virginia who always listens to radio 2, a  mother with a young baby who’s tiny sleeping body was spread out in her bed in the shape of  star fish and finally someone who is waiting up in full anticipating of  winning the euro millions!

Quickly I tune the TV on to the Radio 2 channel in the hope my comparative  feeble reason for insomnia, and more importantly my name , will be be mentioned on air.  Waves of soft, soothing , easy listening  music reach my ears, soothing my tense, tierdless body, and  a sudden a feeling of deep relaxation gently engulfs  me.

I begin to imagine who these other people are  who are posting on the thread at this time of night, what do they look like , what  type of  personalities  do they have – I like the  thought  we were all brought together  in our anonimity by a common bond  of being   Radio  2 fans and the fact we are all still awake to see in the dawn.

I have just heard my name being read out by Richard Allison   ” And…….,Patsy Wood from Milton Keynes  can’t sleep due to too much caffeine! ”  (Maybe not the best advert for a NLP trainer who has sleep inducing techniques at my finger tips – but hey I blame the caffine !)  The tone of  Richard’s   lilting , experienced radio announcer’s voice  actually makes my contribution sound interesting!  Wow!   He is now reading out the name of the security guard and followed that  immediately  by the young mother and  generously shares their reasons for being  awake with the rest of the  listening world too!  How cool is that!

I start to imagine how my  Radio 2  sleepless cybermates  are feeling as  they hear  their names being read out over the airwaves,

I picture the security guard, a big burly young chap with a flask and sandwiches – and broad grin, sitting alone , apart from 2 large black  guard dogs, in his small brightly lit office surrounded by cctvs and security cameras thinking ” Wait till I tell my mates and/or missus about this!”

I have an image  in my mind of the young mother smiling quietly to herself as she  has a  stolen moment of peace  in the ,still  dark  night. As she lovingly watches over  her beautiful  baby sleeping  peacefully, I like to think she  captures a  treasured moment of pure stillness, calm and love, in her otherwise hectic life as  a  busy young mum.

For some reason I get a feeling that the Virginian ex-pat is sitting in a typical American diner having breakfast – pancakes and maple syrup of course! He  he has blonde curly hair and a broad smile lighting up his  welcoming and friendly face. He speaks with a slight American lilt to his otherwise English accent. Outwardly he is really excited to hear his name being mentioned, yet inwardly, when he hears Richards voice reading out his name, he is reminded of his home in England, the family he left behind and his joy is tinged with a sense of momentary sadness remembering his loved ones back in the UK.

The guy who anticipates winning the euro millions wrote with such humour. I imagine him in his late 50s, with grey hair, a great sense of fun and very popular. He laughs out loud to hear his name on the radio and will tell his story in lots of happy social gatherings.

How wonderful our minds are. I had such fun creating personalities for my fellow radio 2 fans sharing sleep deprivation with me in the early hours of this Saturday morning. The pictures of them in my mind are still very vivid and very real to me.  How easy and effortless it was for me to create a real person just based from what I read in their short messages. A whole perception of a person just from a couple of lines! And how accurate do you think I am in my descriptions of these peole?  You are right – How can I possibly  know,  what evidence am I basing my opinions  and conclusions on other than those  I have created in my mind ?

The characters I created were formed from somewhere deep in my subconscious based on my past  experiences , feelings, memories and  what I would like to believe to be true in this moment in my happy,  feel good state of mind.

How easily we can do the same in everyday situations too.  We create images of people and situations based on what we see  and hear at a surface level,  and how they may make us feel by their actions and behaviours. We can form conclusions about others really quickly   based on our how they relate and compare to past experiences we have had, both good and bad , our values and beliefs of what we believe to be right, the emotional state we are in at the time and how it can drive our thinking and reasoning –  and also what is really  important for us in that moment of time. We can create a good or bad impression  of  a person or situation  in our mind ,  based on very little information  at all – and  then that impression becomes our reality

NLP teaches us to explore the other persons “map of the world”. To ask the questions that will enable us to know and understand what lies beneath someone’s surface behaviours, and give us a much deeper understanding and clarity  of who they really are and what is actually going on for them . We learn to honour people’s uniqueness, and also understand that each of us have our own  unique way of processing and  interpreting whats going on around us in any moment of time and making sense of it to us – our own map of the world .  To understand this concept opens up  new dimensions  for exploring and gaining a  deep level understanding of other people, and their true character –  and even if we may not agree with their views , we can begin to  understand how they formed them. .By doing this  we   have the basis for creating rapport, gaining agreement and managing conflict  in all relationships.

Now, getting back to my comrades in insomnia, I could choose to go  into Facebook  and ask the questions that would allow me to find out more  about the reality of  my fellow “sleepless in cyber land” friends and who they really are.  Not a good idea or appropriate methinks in this scenario , and actually I have no  need or reason to do so!

I am very happy to let the working of my  wonderful mind take over completely on this occasion, and enjoy the unique  personalities I have created and made real  for these lovely people, secure  in the knowledge that I  have formed them all  completely from my internal  “map of the world” –  and the only things I know  that could be true about them are the names they shared and their reasons for being awake at this time in the morning!

Have fun   map-reading  in your worlds everyone!

Patsy xx

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