What is NLP

What is NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)?

NLP explores how the human mind works – it gives you a stronger awareness of how you process and interpret information, how you think and behave and how that can bring about rapid change for yourself or for people in your organisation and your personal life.. Each person’s picture of the world is unique.

Understanding NLP helps you adapt more easily to an ever-changing environment and take greater control of your own life. You can stay flexible and yet keep on track in a positive state of rapport with those around you.

shutterstock_171119234Neuro = how we process information and interpret it internally

Linguistic = the language we (and others) use and what it says about us

Programming = the strategies and patterns we ‘run’ that create our behaviours and responses

NLP explains how we organise our thinking, emotions, language and behaviour. It helps us model outstanding success – and achieve it for ourselves.

We run various NLP training courses, including for those who want to train as certified NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

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